New design + new features!

Hi, everybody. We have just improved the look and feel of our homepage. In addition, we have added some new interesting features. One of them and probably the most interesting one is the option of planning the lifetime of links. Probably some people are asking what this feature gives. It gives us the ability to set the time from when to when the link should show up on your profiles. After this date, the link is removed from your profile. Another newly added feature is the ability to set up your own background for your profile. This is an interesting feature in terms of the fact that the white background gets bored after a while. The last newly added function is Google Analytics Intergration. I think I don’t have to explain what it is for. All these functions are available for pro users. I encourage you to buy the pro version, it costs only 0.99€ per month and gives you so many extra cool features and you will help me a lot, I decided that this site does not contain advertising but I still need some help. If you have any ideas of what can I add to the service just tell me in the comment section below

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